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  • Bubble and Seafoam

These unprecedented times

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Whoever it is

that hit pause

this time,

Thank you.

Whatever it is

I was struggling to get done

I now realize that

there’s no need to run.

My days are filled with great good times


and, I’m satisfied.

On days I wish to share my space

I run the bayou, then sit and gaze

or I send a text,

visit my parents,

but stay six feet away.

I remember coming into the year

with big dreams and big eyes

—always looking for a prize

to pay and toil away for.


maybe I spend too much time and money at the grocery store.

But I love the pace

of my own embrace

In humid days

and slow afternoons.

Photo: My studio apartment in Houston. 2020

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