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Orion is a Butterfly

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

I’ve been to many cities in my life.

In fact, I grew up in one.

I remember as a child

we lived in this apartment

where I used to sneak up

to the rooftop

where there were plants and broken pots

and laundry, and the smell of cheap detergent.

I would look out of that concrete block and think about my life as I look to the stars in wonder. —

The last nights I spent in Manila,

I frequently looked up to find my favorite constellation.

To me it was a butterfly,

Three stars for a body the four outer for the wings.

I told myself then, that those stars represent how I felt—that no matter where I am, I would always be at home.

I would find Orion in Texas. I found Orion in Spain. Tonight, my hunter pulled his bow back to shoot for Aldebaran and showed me where I have been, and where I will go.

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