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  • Bubble and Seafoam

Man of Strength

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Man of strength, you know your power

so you wield your blade gently

upon my delicate lace.

Flesh, born out of feeling.

Heavy mass of weighty focus

Tall grace like pine,

with fists scarred and pained by battle

my small soul you lift above

in reverence and respect.

I, bubble and seafoam

labor steady, secretly strong.

You, my castle fortress home,

I touch and shape with feather breeze of power

and light with ancient magic

betrothed to me by dark days and rain.

We have created what is ours.

What is ours, is ours

to love wildly,

protect fiercely,

nourish tenderly,

test productively,

and enjoy immensely.

Today we are together.

Tomorrow, even closer.

You and I are tethered,

not to time and space.

We transcend

logos and pathos alike.

Photo: A black and white portrait of me having petit gouter in Paris, France.

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