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Love, to me

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Love to me doesn’t look perfect. It doesn’t look like always getting it right and never failing.

Love to me looks like peace—like surrender.

It is the same majesty that comes from witnessing a tremendous waterfall—for all its force, might, and it’s inevitability: to dry up, to fall down, and to come crashing on you full force.

Love is the decision to stretch your arms wide open in welcome, and to let the force take you downriver—to still waters that run deep and make for knowing eyes across the room.

Deep love is that strong steadfastness—the heavy and quiet that follows a landslide. It is the immovable rock and unnavigable moment that anchors you in the present; you cannot go anywhere but there.

It confronts you to choose, to go forth, to turn back, or to go around.

Photo: The wonderful waterfalls in Plitvice National Park in Croatia. I was thinking of big majestic waterfalls and the Costa Rican landslides when I wrote this poem.

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