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Life is short so, go.

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Life is short

It’s really short

There are always going to be things that seem so big or so difficult they snag a little bit on your throat

And it may make you gag a little

or full blown nauseous

but, just remember,

Life’s so short

It’s really short.

Ten years ago you wouldn’t have thought of how today feels like right now

how it sits on your bones and licks your skin;

Five years ago, you couldn’t even see which one of this and that you were choosing

and you go one year, back from today,

could you remember what it was like?

How it was so boring, so damn different, and so heavy

So just lean into it and say it:

I love you.

Thank you,

for being there with me.

I’m scared,

that I’ll never forget you.



that I’ll never forget how this feels

—that I’ll never find something better

even though this wasn’t complete.

Lean into it and do it.

Jump the plane.

Fly the ocean.

Swim the seas.

Life is too short.

It’s really short,

and what we make of it

Photo: Courtney, Jackie, and I getting our PADI Certification in Tulum, Mexico. Checking off the bucket List.

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