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  • Bubble and Seafoam

It comes and goes

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

In a day I feel the power

rock back and forth within.

There's light above

and waves below.

I wonder where to look.

A fool, I was

to think my feet

won't run without my brain,

but here I am, in this sandy cove

gripped sudden by the gale.

Perhaps, again

I'll be a fool and jump into the water

to find that piece that makes me whole

and fill me overjoyed.

Love, there it is

inside my lungs,

a pressure on my chest.

The gale,

The water,

The rocks,

The sea,

they are all a part of me.

No matter how the winds come blow

and push me violently

the sea; the rocks; the water;

they can all come beat on me

for all the pain is worth the gold

and light

love brings to me.

Photo: Lapad Bay in Dubrovnik. Summer 2021.

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